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Updated: Mar 14

March 2024   - 65th Edition  

Here we go to usher in a new year with the same excitement and energy as Usher at the superbowl!  

2024 is far past the English writer George Orwell’s 1994 prediction and doomed outlook on our future.  A brilliant narrative that is a cautionary tale was originally published in 1949.  Another American Journalist and newspaper editor William Allen White recorded and attributed the “dressed up” phrase to Teddy Roosevelt in 1916 as he retired from the Presidential competition. 

The phrase means elaborately attired or fully prepared for an anticipated situation which nevertheless fails to occur.  Michael Lee Aday, known professionally as Meat Loaf, was an American singer and actor known for his powerful, wide-ranging voice and theatrical live shows.  He was one of the best-selling musical artists in history and is known for his popular song, “All Revved up and no place to go". Both Meat Loaf and William Allen White passed away 80 years apart in the month of January, and both presumably were “all dressed up “ and had a better place to go! 

A new year gives us incentive to put on a fresh face, new look and bring in goals for a better year.  Buying a new outfit, signing up for a health club or gym membership, going on a diet, giving up alcohol and vowing to lose some weight.  We’ll all check back in 90 days and see how well those ideas stick.  

RUN – WALK - EXERCISE – Time to look for a new career, new job, make new friends and acquaintances and join The Jane Network! In my 47 years in the events business as The Eventors, we worked on our fair share of retail and fashion clients.  I began my life in Chicago on the College Board and as an Executive Trainee at Carsons (the retail store Carson Pirie Scott & Co. , not the rib place!)  We promoted everything from furniture, luggage, accessories, coats & hats, fragrances, jewelry, linens, dresses, suits, and ties, and my first PR assignment in the publicity and special events department was to promote “the Menswear Leisure Suit”.  

As my luck would have it, I did return to retail for a stint at Bloomingdales in the 900 N. Michigan Avenue customer service department.  My best friend Nancy Evitt from Carsons College Board days asked me to come over and help her as a backup staffer in a busy department that answered phones, gave out tourist discounts and visitor gifts, took credit card payments, sold greeting cards and GIFT WRAPPED!  My holiday assignment began in 2006 and I stayed 10 years!  I used the paycheck to buy gifts and clothes for my two adorable granddaughters.  I don’t miss the department, but I miss the discounts! 

Bloomingdales proved a great avenue to channel and place my special events and public relations students from Columbia College Chicago.  I have always been a recruiter of talent and connector from my days at Carson Pirie Scott, through my career with The Eventors and at Bloomies!  Everyone can be a connector and I have done this for former students, colleagues, friends, neighbors. The retail industry continues to be a staple college career and provides part-time opportunities that pay.  

Students held internships in the fashion and PR departments at Bloomies – here I am with Makenzie Gee Miller (far right) and Kimberly Miller (no relation) who worked in the fashion department.  Any former students who read this newsletter can circle back and let me know if they had a Bloomingdales connection.  


Marissa Persico has been in the fashion world since I met her in my events class in 2014.  Her stops at Bloomies (a connection I made for her) led her to Simon Properties.  Marissa graduated from Columbia College Chicago circa 2018, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations, advertising, and communications.  From there she joined Simon Property Group as Asst. Director of Marketing at Woodfield Mall.  Marissa currently is going on 5 years with Simon and serves as the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora, IL.  She oversees Digital marketing, Event Production, Social Media Management, Customer Service and more in her day to day.  With a love of events and retail this is a perfect position.  

When she’s not working her 9-5 you can find Marissa serving on the board of directors for Junior Council  The 35th annual Snowball Gala was Saturday evening February 24th and is a fabulous way to network with other young professionals in Chicago.  You can connect with her via Linkedin or email


Mike Nelson is a lifelong Auroran who currently holds the title of Director of Community Events at the City of Aurora.  Mike discovered his love for events when he began working for the city as a seasonal employee during his early college years.  From there, Mike chose to pursue a career in events and enrolled at Columbia College Chicago where he majored in Public Relations and focused on event management.  Following graduation from Columbia, Mike landed an internship with the City’s Special Events Division.  While on the events team, he worked his way up to the Director level.  Mike finds the fast-paced work environment fun and exciting!  He enjoys planning large-scale events for the residents of Aurora & beyond.  Contact Mike on Linkedin or email .


KARYN BOSNAK “Internet Panhandler”  

For a time, I operated my business on the Rodeo Drive of Chicago, OAK STREET.  Coincidentally, the Oak Street Council was one of The Eventors first clients and in 1976 and we formed an organization called GROW (Greater Rush Oak Walton, brochure below) to promote the businesses and restaurants along those famed streets.  Karyn Bosnak was a student of mine and she also joined our team as an intern.  The seeds of retail must have been planted in her from those days and her career is intertwined with shopping.   To learn more about her movies, books, and life in California, visit You can connect with her on LinkedIn or email karyn@karynbosnak.



During the winter months The Eventors held Jane Network events that collected new hats, scarves, mittens, and gloves for the hundreds of migrants being sent to Chicago from the Texas border.    We donated the items to the Refugee Health & Special Initiatives Programs at Tapestry 360 Health.  Pictured below: Raven Hibbler (left) and Dr. Allison Arwady (right) celebrating at Hearts United Soiree with Jane Canepa (middle).

Our promotion of this initiative led to getting reconnected with Erin Black Alianello, another former student!  Erin is the Senior Manager of Regional Marketing – Americas UL Solutions & Co-Chair of the Working Parents Resource Group.  The group led a holiday collection drive that resulted in over 100 items being collected for Tapestry 360 Health.  Connect with Erin on LinkedIn  or  



March on over to our cooperative, charitable, collectable fashion event – to benefit REIGNING PEARLS, an organization that supports young moms from ages 14 – 23. Reigning Pearls was founded by a former student, Sherese Reed (pictured) has dedicated her career to helping young moms create and plan and set goals for themselves and their children. Learn more at ( .

Join members of The Jane Network for an Open House at Mariettas Day Spa & Salon (58 West Maple, Chicago, IL 60610 ) on Monday, March 25, 2024 from 4:00 pm – 8 pm. This is a free event Attendees are encouraged to bring an item (see flyer for details) to benefit Reigning Pearls!

There will be vintage clothing for sale from Stand Out Chic (a Chicago based company specializing in sustainable personal styling and dealing women’s vintage), special pricing on spa services and pastries by Schweet Original Homemade Chicago Cheesecake!

If you can't attend the event, but want to help support the organization, stop by Marietta's during business hours to drop off your donation through April 30th! Additionally, you can purchase your very own JANE Cheesecake at a special discounted price through April 15th! Get Jane's Spring Cheesecake by Schweet Foods here!

A Jane Canepa event is always a great time... because you never know who just might pop up!

Pictured left to right: Jason Momoa, Jane Canepa and Blaine Halvorson of Meili Vodka.

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