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Stop And Smell The Lilacs!

April 22, 2017 Dear Friends and Colleagues, Happy Earth Day! Hello and Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter. This month we celebrate Spring and we have some exciting news and updates for you. Enjoy this edition and happy reading!

"Name Our Newsletter" Contest

We have officially named the newsletter "Jane Network News". While we appreciate all of the suggestions and submissions we made a collaborative effort in choosing "JANE NETWORK NEWS" Thank you to everyone who submitted their ideas and feedback!

In the coming months, you will read about life as an “Eventor”, our past, present and future clients. Catch up with me and many of my former students and join us for some professional and social networking.

Stop and Smell the Lilacs!

Stop and smell the lilacs, lily of the valley – cherry blossoms or the roses! Spring is in the air! Put your hair in the air! – as sung by another flower in the world “Poppy” from the one of my granddaughter's favorites - The Trolls® Movie. April is a wonderful month to stop & smell any flower! This month we are also celebrating the sunflower at our annual Jammin with Jane which benefits The Sunflower Project. (details below) Growing up we had a lilac bush in our backyard and those fragrant scents calmed my mother and any teacher or friend with whom we shared the beautiful flowers. Here is a picture of my mom Alberta and my sisters in spring regalia – all sewn by my mother!

Left to right: Diane, Claire, Bertie, Jane, Antoinette, Mary, and my mother, Alberta.

A Little Spring in Your Step

Spring in Chicago for me meant to look for the first robin and then the first runners and walkers preparing for racing season, starting with the Shamrock Shuffle 8K that just stepped off on April 2 with over 25,000 participants. The Eventors served as the public relations firm for the event from its inception until late in the 90’s. "If it moved in Chicago I had something to do with it"

George J. Schmitt of Hinckley & Schmitt bottled water and I connected many years ago as he was one of my first clients – I took bottled water out to the lakefront sporting events and put the product into the hands of many amateur athletes. George and I reconnected through my 2017 newsletters. He was able to retire, and I of course cannot! and as George would say about me, “I was a one woman band that played like an orchestra!” As I celebrate 40 years in business on October 4, so does the Bank of America® Chicago Marathon, celebrating on October 8, 2017. The Eventors and Hinckley & Schmitt grew with the participatory runs & walk fundraisers and so did the athletic business. I met my good friend and colleague Barbara Paddock, Managing Director Sports & Entertainment J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. She and several bank colleagues created the legendary and worldwide Manufacturers Hanover 3.5 mile Corporate Challenge©. Corporate teams came together to participate in a manageable on a weeknight on a downtown city. The first event took place in New York in Central Park on July 13, 1977, where 200 runners from 50 companies participated. (Pictured Above, right) Barbara Paddock crosses the finish line at the New York City race. The Chicago event which premiered in 1982 is now called the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge® takes place on Thursday, May 25,2017 - over 27,037 participants from 683 companies participated last year!

The Eventors took on the assignment of recruiting teams and promoting the Challenge. This event in Chicago helped foster the growth of the Chicago Area Runner’s Association and the amateur running scene. Relationships with this event let you rub hands and tired feet with many of the event producers and luminaries in the worldwide business of the sport. Legendary names such as Fred Lebow, Bill Rodgers, Kathrine Switzer, Eamonn Coghlan and the incomparable late great Grete Waitz were all part of The Eventors path. April also brings the historic Boston Marathon held on the third Monday of the month the great city of Boston, Massachusetts. My connections brought me to the press/media room many times and it was a treat to bring my my family along to be part of the festivities. If you have not yet experienced this phenomenal event, put it on your ‘’bucket list”. My mom, Alberta Canepa experienced the Boston Marathon herself in 1998! (Pictured above) My mom Alberta who watched the marathon from her hotel room.

Easter At The White House

Washington, D.C. is known for their cherry blossoms that bloom in April. Visiting the nation’s capital and experiencing the cherry blossoms should also be on your “bucket list”. In the spring of 1997, a wonderful opportunity to create a special event tent experience for Boston Market at Easter at the White House and the famed Easter Egg Roll was presented. This event is one of the oldest in history and it was an honor to be part of it. Assembling a collection of great Chicago event specialists resulted in the “best first time ever tent experience”, according to the overall event producers!

With the help of Ralph Concepcion and his fine staff Ravenswood Event Services and through the vision of event maven Karen Lechner we created a trip to outer space, complete with real astronauts, an oversized costumed astronaut and a new children’s character named “Diggs the Dog”. Again it helps to have a large family and many friends who jumped at the chance to be part of the team. And don’t forget someone has to wear a costume! We took over $10,000 worth of Polaroid film and set about to photograph all of the little guests who visited our tent.

Stop and Smell the Roses

When I started my business in 1976 – there were people who ‘operated’ telephone answering services and one such gem was the lovely, beautiful and fast-talking Rose Duffy! She had over 50 phones that would ring constantly and she knew each one by ring and took messages and relayed information to the many businesses who were happy to be part of her charm. I missed my “calling” as I always remember with delight my days as a telephone operator at the Baraboo Telephone Company. God bless Rose!

As I mark my 25.2 years at Columbia College I like to stay connected with my former students and one of my favorites is Kristin Arriaga – a proud mom of two sweet little girls, Ella and Rosemary (and one on the way)! Kristin graduated from Columbia College in 2013 with a degree in Marketing Communications and a concentration in Corporate PR. Kristin currently works as an admissions counselor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is working on her Masters in Legal Studies from The Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law. Kristin has a very bright future ahead of her and intends to open her own child and family law practice. Kristin is truly an inspiration!

Everyone Needs an April in their Lives

Everyone needs an April in their lives! April “chocolatedlite” Reed has always been one of the sweetest Aprils in my class! April was also born in April – the 30th which is also the day of Jammin With Jane which benefits The Sunflower Project and takes place from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm at the House of Blues in Chicago. April graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communication from Columbia College in 2009 and currently works for U-Haul in their reservations department! April and her husband Steven have three darling boys, M’Caleb (10), Ja’Kobi (6) and Errick Jacob (EJ), 1. April gives the best advice to young people who are looking to find their way in the world...“Never stop networking!” And I agree! Networking is key!

Another special April – is April Little who was also born in April and we have known each other for over 10 years – maybe more! April is an integral part of the Columbia College Xerox Center and is one of the key reasons that our Jammin with Jane’s are so successful. It always helps to have a friend in the printing industry when you are in events. She makes us look good and I give her and her team the credit for our professional materials. When you are on campus, stop by to visit her and give her some love!

Come Jam with Us!

Sunday, April 30th at 11 am - 4 pm House of Blues Chicago Benefiting the Sunflower Project, an organization that helps sexual assault, domestic violence, and dating abuse victim. To learn more visit To learn more about Jammin with Jane, visit

Graduating this year? Planning your next career move? Want to maintain your personal and professional connections? Let Jane help! Email us your story and we'll help connect you to the right person, who can connect you to your future!

Social Media Social Hour!

We're socializing and social media'ing at Kiki's Bistro on Monday, April 24 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. This event is held on the last Monday of every month. Bring your smile and business cards for networking. Dinner and drink specials will be offered. RSVP to or call 312.217.JANE (5263). Kiki's Bistro 900 N. Franklin Street Chicago, IL 60610 312.335.5454

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Jane E. Canepa President, The Eventors, Inc. 312.217.JANE (5263)

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